Video Documentation 2014

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May 22, 2014

Writing Trans Genres: Opening Remarks
Remarks from Trish Salah, Albert McCleod, Harmony Knott, Angela Failler, and Fiona Green.

Keynote Address by Aiyyana Maracle:
“Ruminations on The Tangled Roots of Today’s Garden of Gender Multiplicity”

Plenary panel : Critical Frameworks for Reading Trans Literature
Panelists: Amir Rabiyah, Gein Wong, Joy Ladin, Tom Léger, Trish Salah

Panel: Fucking Gender, Fucking Form [video not available]
Panelists: Ames Hawkins, Ching-In Chen, Emerson Whitney, K. Bradford

Keynote Address by Rachel Pollack:
“Writing to Each Other – Discovering and Creating A Literature From Within Trans Experience”


May 23, 2014

Panel: Writing Trans* Genres: Transgression vs. Translation
Panelists: Cass Adair, Elisabeth Tutschek, Hee-Jung Serenity Joo, Mary Ann Saunders

Plenary panel : Story, Histories, Politics
Panelists: Casey Plett, Imogen Binnie, Rupert Raj, Ryka Aoki

Panel: Teaching Trans Writers
Panelists: Cooper Lee Bombardier, Riley MacCleod, Catherine Fitzpatrick

Panel: Life Writing: Problematics and Performative Practices
Panelists: Boogie Man, David Churchill, Max Baumkel, Zaren Healey White


May 24, 2014

Panel: Kids These Days: Trans Representation in Young Adult Literature
Panelists: Annie Mok, Everett Maroon, Jackson Radish, Kyle Lukoff

Workshop: Two-Spirit People: Indigenous Trans Women of the Americas
Workshop with Albert McCleod

Keynote Address by Jay Prosser:
“Digital Trans”

Jay Prosser: Keynote Q&A

Keynote Address by Nathanaël:
“Mein abendes N”

Panel: Between Lore and Story 
Panelists: Alexander Eastwood, Pauline Greenhill, Sreya Banerjea

Panel: Writing Trans Feminisms
Panelists: Catherine Fitzpatrick, K. Bradford, merritt kopas, TL Cowan

Group Reading
With: Cooper Lee Bombardier, Gein Wong, Morgan M. Page, Rikki Marie-Josée DuBois, Rupert Raj, Ryka Aoki, Tom Léger

Plenary panel : Identity and Poetics Across Genres 
Panelists: Ching-In Chen, Max Wolf Valerio, Micha Cárdenas, Samuel Ace, Trace Peterson

Part 1: Ching-In Chen, Max Wolf Valerio, Micha Cárdenas 

Part 2: Samuel Ace

Part 3: Trace Peterson

Closing comments
Closing comments from Trish Salah and Roewan Crowe

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